Fontmatrix — Similar to Current feature

Video at

Fontmatrix just got this new nice feature where one can select a type face and FM will filter all the similar fonts. This video tries to show what’s it all about. Below is the original screenplay (needless to say the actual video became a way more boring).

Times New Roman feels like a safe choice.
[Guy typing in a job application with Times New Roman]

But your friends are laughing at you!
[Guy asking his friends opinion]

Did you know that you do not need to be Eric Gill or Hermann Zapf
to feel safe with your type choices?
[no idea what should we see here]

Get Fontmatrix today at
[again no idea and this feature is only in svn]

With Fontmatrix you can feel comfortable and not use Times New Roman.
[Guy selects Times New Roman in Fontmatrix and selects the
Similar to Current tag and picks the closest match for his job application]

In the next episode Comic Sans will hit the end of its road.
[something clever here]