Scribus-kirjan sisältö

Ne jotka eivät vielä ole tilanneet kirjaa Flesbooksista (Google Checkout), toivottavasti tekevät niin nähtyään kirjan sisällysluettelon. Ensimmäisestä kirjan hehkutuksesta unohtui maininta, että kirja on tehty Scribuksella – luonnollisesti. Kirjasta löytyvät seuraavat kappaleet:

Scribus on Linux and UNIX
Scribus on Mac OS X
Scribus on Windows
Scribus Quick Start Guide
Scribus Basics
Basic Concepts
Workflow and Scribus
The Scribus Workspace
The Help System
Opening, Creating and Saving Files
There’s More Than One Way to Look at a Document
Navigating in a Document
Managing and Laying Out Pages
Working With Frames
Working With Text
Working With Styles
The Story Editor
Working With Images
Working With Shapes and Polygons
Straight Lines and Arrows
Bezier Curves and Freehand Lines
Colors and Gradients
Importing Vector Drawings
Master Pages
Page Numbering
Customizing Scribus
Advanced Features
The Scrapbook
Converting Frames
The Action History
Search and Replace
Attach Text to Path
Importing Text with Custom Text Filters
Fonts and Font Technology
Getting and Using Good Fonts
Font Preview and Font Management
Drop Caps
Short Words
Special Characters
Placing and Moving Items with Precision
Measuring Tools
The Properties Palette
Using the Keyboard
Rotating Items
Multiple Duplicate
Aligning and Distributing Items
Creating a Table of Contents
Managing Images
Image Effects
Extended Image Properties
The Barcode Generator
Colors and Color Management
The Eye Dropper
The Color Wheel
Spot Colors
Color Management
File Export
Text Export
Bitmap Export
Vector Export
PDF Export
The Print Preview
The Preflight Verifier
Local Printing
Booklet Printing
Preparing Files for Commercial Printing
PDF Forms
Introducing PDF Form Elements
PDF Form features in Scribus
Enhancing PDF Forms With JavaScript
Emulating Radio Buttons
Annotations and Links in PDF Files
Viewers for PDF Forms
PDF Presentations
The Scripter
Using Scripts
The Python Console
Script Info
Extension Scripts
Scribus Scripts
Scripting Basics
Tips and Tricks
Your DTP Toolbox
Installing Scribus from the Command Line on Linux/UNIX
Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts
Scribus, QuarkXPress and InDesign terminology
File Types and Resources Used by Scribus
Useful Links
Copyrights and Licensing